Dublin Tech Summit 2023

We can’t contain our excitement as we reminisce about the unforgettable moments at Dublin Tech Summit 2023. From the remarkable opportunity to connect women in technology to the awe-inspiring experience with Desdemona the Robot, and the promising future of artificial intelligence (AI), this event truly left us inspired and eager for what lies ahead.

Connecting Women in Technology

Dublin Tech Summit 2023 dedicated a significant focus on highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of women in the tech industry. Through thought-provoking discussions, inspiring talks, and interactive sessions, the event celebrated the achievements of women and emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion. It provided a platform for networking, mentorship, and collaboration, fostering an empowering environment for women to thrive in technology. The energy and enthusiasm shared by women and allies at the event were nothing short of extraordinary.

CWIT members at the Dublin Tech Summit

Experiencing Desdemona the Robot

One of the most captivating moments at Dublin Tech Summit 2023 was the encounter with Desdemona the Robot. Desdemona showcased the incredible advancements in AI and robotics, captivating our attention with its lifelike interactions, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability. Witnessing Desdemona engage in meaningful conversations and showcase its potential in various industries left us in awe. It served as a testament to the incredible possibilities that lie ahead in the world of robotics and AI.

The Future of AI

Dublin Tech Summit 2023 also shed light on the promising future of artificial intelligence. With discussions on the impact of AI across industries, the event provided insights into how AI will shape our lives in the coming years. From revolutionizing healthcare and enhancing customer experiences to driving innovation and transforming business operations, AI emerged as a powerful force for positive change. The event sparked discussions about ethical considerations, responsible AI implementation, and the need for collaboration between humans and machines.

Leading the Way: Women in Tech Driving DE&I Solutions

Author: Saylee More, IT Technical Analyst at Dell Technologies

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