Meet CWiT Talent: Arsha Varghese

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Name: Arsha Varghese

Company: Deloitte

Position: Senior Technology Consultant

Department: Consulting – Systems Engineering

  • Tell me about you and your role?

I work as a Senior Tech Consultant for Deloitte and my projects are predominantly based in the public sector. I’m a proud member of the Robotics and Intelligent Automation (RIA) team, who work with clients to reduce mundane tasks for their employees and improve both process and business efficiency. It is an exciting role that gives me the opportunity to work hands-on with new software and lead a team as well.

  • Tell me about your career path so far?

I joined Deloitte as an Analyst within their graduation programme and have been with the firm since. Deloitte has given me the opportunity to complete role-based tech training along with participating in core business analysis training. During my initial days, I worked as an analyst helping Consultants, and I now work as lead developer overseeing the process implementation.

  • What do you like about working in tech?

One amazing thing about working in the tech industry is that you get to work on a variety of projects with different teams. Each project and client is different which is a good challenge and in turns also widens my knowledge base.

  • Share 1 insight for someone looking to enter the tech industry?

There is a growing number of women in almost all the teams I’m working with. If you’re passionate about the tech industry, one should always consider it as there is plenty of support available.

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