STEM Teacher Internship Programme – Inspiring Future Generations, Building the STEM Pipeline

Teachers are key influencers of students’ subject choices, second only to parents. The STEM Teacher Internship (STInt) Programme aims to give future teachers hands-on experience in STEM careers to empower them to inspire future generations of their own students to build STEM skills and pursue STEM careers. Developed by Dublin City University together with Accenture […]

A STInt in the Industry for Teachers

I am delighted to welcome pre-service teachers to Accenture Ireland Summer Internship programme for the 6th consecutive year, during which the students who are qualifying as teachers will get a stint in the industry as a part of our interns group. The only difference is that instead of looking for a job in the tech […]

STEM Teacher Internship – Inspiring the Inspirers

Thursday, 8th October: Dublin City University has today launched the 2021 STInt (STEM Teacher Internship) Programme which will provide pre-service STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) teachers with the opportunity to gain skills and experiences within the STEM Industry.  We all have had that one teacher that inspired us to step outside our comfort zone […]