Being inspired at the EWG (Executive Women Gathering)

“Listening to all of the successful and resilient women speakers was truly inspirational”

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend the EWG event, thanks to the kindness of CWiT. It was a great event where I had the chance to connect with other women in the industry. Listening to all the successful and resilient women speakers was truly inspirational. They all came from various backgrounds and had a different story to tell. Some of them spoke about the importance of speaking up for yourself and not letting gender decide of the work opportunities. Other women spoke about their dramatic life events that happened to them and how it shaped their life. Instead of giving up on their life, they found a way where they could do something good for the community instead. We had one speaker discussing the power of manifestation and positive affirmations and another who spoke about being your own boss and doing things in a “less conventional” way.

What connected all the speakers was their resilience, curiosity, being consistent with work and their ability to turn bad events into something positive. The key to success is to continue to show up and do the work, even if you think that nobody is watching. Very often, we are the ones stopping ourselves from progressing in our careers. If you want to become a CEO, you can do that. If you want to start your own podcast or your own brand, you can do that too! We should not let our current life decide how we are going to shape our future. And on that note, I am looking forward to the next EWG events in the future too.    

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Written by Marta Witowska

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