Meet CWiT Talent: Lucy Lu

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Name: Lucy Lu

Company: New Relic

Position: Technical Account Manager

Tell me about you and your role?

  • I’m Technical Account Manager in New Relic
  • My role is to help customers to use our products, such as provide best practices and answer technical questions.

Tell me about your career path so far?

  • I started my career as a software engineer in China
  • Then I came to Dublin for my MSc in computer science. 
  • After I graduated, I joined New Relic as a Technical Support Engineer which is a more customer-facing role. I really like to use my technical skill and help customers to get what they want.
  • Then I moved to the current role which is Technical Account Manager. I can more proactively contact customers and help them to achieve a longe term goal.

What do you like about working in tech?

  • I really like the environment. Most of the people I work with are very smart and friendly, that I can learn a lot from them. It also gives you a lot of flexibility as working hours and locations. You can basically work anywhere and anytime. And the pandemic has proved it.
  • The industry is developing very fast. There are always new things that come out. You never feel bored from learning all the innovations.

Share 1 insight for someone looking to enter the tech industry?

I’d say don’t be afraid when you feel something you don’t understand. Be patient and spend some time learning it. Keep a learning mindset because there’s always something you don’t know and it’s especially true in the Tech industry. 

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