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FIT continues their mission to increase access and inclusion for female tech apprentice candidates through their ‘Women choose tech’ programme.

‘Women Choose Tech’ was set up by FIT in 2021 to attain 33% female participation in tech apprenticeships by 2022, one positive step to help contribute to an improved gender balance in the ICT specialist workforce.

The project will act as a demonstration model for improving gender balance in the tech workforce and provide a source of inspiration for females to access ICT specialist career paths. Work includes informing the school and education & training sector how they can integrate pathways for female students to tech careers into their ongoing career guidance activities. It will also inform Government policy development in Ireland in setting its goals and strategies for better gender balance and diversity in the tech workforce. To find out more and join the ‘women choose tech’ mission visit or email

FIT is an industry-led initiative, and its mission is to promote an inclusive Smart Economy by creating a fast track to marketable technical skills for those at risk of unemployment or under-employment long term. FIT Ltd provides training courses and work placement services to the unemployed, with a particular focus on those at risk of unemployment long-term.

These courses are provided at different levels (elementary, middle-skills, expert level) and mostly focus on the IT sector but also look at the relevance of ICT skills across different sectors. Every year, around 4,000 marginalised jobseekers complete FIT courses. Over 70% of FIT graduates have proceeded to employment, self-employment or further education or training.

In 2018/9, following a successful pilot FIT rolled out three national Tech Apprenticeships, the first of their kind in Ireland, in software development, network engineering and cybersecurity.

In addition, FIT set up an all-female Tech Apprenticeship an exciting two-year programme aimed at enabling women to attain tech skills & qualifications to commence a successful ICT career. Information and application here (

If you would like your company involved with a Tech Apprenticeship contact or to find out more about the ‘Women choose tech’ programme please visit: (

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