CWiT and 30% Club working together to advance gender balance in the technology sector

Dublin, May 27th, 2021: CWiT,  a network representing the country’s largest technology companies located in Ireland and 30% Club, a leading campaign promoting gender diversity in business in Ireland have come together to form an alliance. 

Starting in May, CWiT and 30% Club are partnering with a common goal to campaign for increased inclusion in the technology sector. Even though significant progress has been made in the last few years, equal workforce and business leadership in Ireland is not yet a reality. According to Balance for Better Business, on average Irleland’s leading companies have 30% representation of females on their boards, but 1 in 4 still have no female representation in leadership teams. CWiT and 30% Club plan to deliver a number of activities in the area of mentoring, education and training, as well as working with the leaders of technology companies, supporting them in their diversity ambitions.

Gillian Harford, Country Executive, 30% Club Ireland said

“We are delighted to announce this new alliance between the 30% Club Ireland and Connecting Women in Technology (CWiT). We will be working together on complimentary activities to advance the gender balance in technology based careers in Ireland. With our particular focus on gender balance at senior levels in organisations, CWiT’s great success working with schools,  and our combined focus on early to mid careers, the alliance gives both groups the opportunity to focus our efforts on future success across the full STEM pipeline from early education to board level.” 

CWiT, 30% Club and their members celebrated the partnership with an online Master Class facilitated by ABSTRACT, an award-winning leadership training group. CWiT spokesperson and strategy lead Ifah Sivak said

“We are excited to launch our alliance with 30% Club and lead the nation-wide campaign to advance gender diversity in the technology sector. It will help address the gaps and bring value to members of both organisations interested in professional development and help retain female talent in the industry” 

Speaking on the event today, she added 

“It was fantastic to mark the launch of the alliance with something useful for our members, in the form of a Masterclass on Building Superior Confidence donated by Abstract consulting, who are long standing supporters of the 30% Club.  More than 300 people joined a virtual practical workshop, for leaders who want to build their own skills in developing confident talent and for talented female colleagues at the right stage of their career, who would like to build their personal skill set.” 

About the 30% Club

The 30% Club is a global campaign supported by Board Chairs and CEOs of medium and large organisations, committed to achieving better gender balance at leadership levels and throughout their organisation, for better business outcomes. It operates across the world in 17 chapters, and has the support of more than 1,100 of the world’s largest organisations. Established in 2015, the Irish Chapter hosts more than 270 organisations representing more than 600,000 employees 

For further information visit

The launch webinar has been kindly donated by ABSTRACT as part of their support to the 30% Club Ireland.  Technology support has been donated by Dell Technologies

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