February Tech Starter: Career Talk with Microsoft’s Michelle Concannon

Have you a clear career path ahead of you? Perhaps you’re a bit lost and not sure how to navigate your next steps? Regardless of how you think about you future career and development, we are here to support you! Join us for another Tech Starter Event – Career Talk with Michele Concannon on the 25th of February.

About Michelle

Michelle Concannon has recently joined Microsoft as a Group Principle Manager & Site Lead. Michelle has extensive experience working as an engineering manager in many companies across Ireland and in Silicon Valley, working in Cisco and Intel.

Listen in to hear Michelle’s career journey and find out how you can learn from her!

How can I join?

This event is held fully virtually and is open to anyone, who is interested. Please follow the link to registration below.

Event’s details:



25th of February, 6PM (IST)


This event is organised in partnership with hardwired.ie. Learn more about the Tech Starter series.

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