University Tech Starter is back!

Friday, 9th October: After the last year’s success, the CWIT Early Careers team launched a fully virtual 2020 edition of University Tech Starter – a programme targeting female STEM students in colleges across Ireland, empowering them to choose a career in tech.

We are planning three events this year starting with the first one in October – a panel discussion ‘My Journey in Tech’.



20th of October, 7PM (IST)


Meet the speakers

The first virtual event in this year’s Tech Starter programme is an exciting panel discussion involving 4 panelists: all successful women working in the tech industry in Ireland.

Caoimhe Mooney, Software Engineer, Intel

I’m a software engineer in Intel Movidius. Movidius is part of Intel’s computer vision and artificial intelligence department. I spend my days coding, testing and debugging and rarely am stuck doing the same thing every day.  I’m a recent graduate having finished my master’s in computer engineering in Trinity in April this year. As part of my undergraduate course I did an 8-month internship with the current team I’m now back working with. It was during this internship I started to work with CWIT’s early careers committee and continued to work with them throughout my masters. I learned so much from the women on the panels last year and hope to be able to share the knowledge I picked up while job searching, interviewing and settling into a company all from home in these strange times.

Lucie Pierredon, Manager, Sales Development France

I co-manage a team of 17 Sales Development Representatives who work on the French market. My job is to help recent graduates take their first steps in the world of sales, and coach them to find new opportunities for our Account Executives to develop. I spend my days coaching the reps, aligning with our stakeholders, and driving the team’s performance, to make sure we hit our monthly targets. The best part of my job is seeing my team hit their targets and get promoted!

I started out as an Interpreter, working in French, Spanish, Italian and English. However, this wasn’t right for me, and I realised my languages could be a great asset in Sales! I worked in a small company in France for 2 years, before moving to Ireland to work for Linkedin’s French Sales team in Dublin. I then moved to Salesforce in my first management role. All through my career, languages have opened doors for me. Tech companies are often multinational, and are always interested in people who speak more than one language.

Kat Hudson, Engineering Escalation Manager, Dell

I never imagined I would work in the technology industry, as I grew up finding computers and tech rather boring. I worked full-time while going to Uni, falling into a tech career along the way, when my (then) boss asked “hey, do you know how to work this thing?” During my first ever tech job as a Software Deployment Specialist (I setup point of sales terminals), I received my Bachelor degree in Psychology. Later, after becoming the head of an IT Department, I decided to pursue a Masters in Industrial/Organisational Psychology. After a few years in Dell, I went back to school again for a MBA. Now, I work as an Engineering Escalation Manager for Dell, where I am able to blend my interpersonal skills with the engineering creative process to resolve problems. As an Engineering Escalation Manager I pull together various Server and Solution Engineering teams to tackle potential product defects and find creative solutions for our customers. I spend most of my day brainstorming with teams to solve complex problems and learning a bit along the way. Most importantly, I get to really put my education to use by serving as both the Education Committee Co-Lead and Digital Futures Lead for CWIT. As the Education Committee Co-Lead, I oversee the programs in the pillar, which include CWIT partnership with Teen Turn, STEM Teacher Internship, and Digital Futures. As the lead for Digital Futures across Ireland, I help garner TY student interest for the technology sector, hoping to sway them to pursue technology careers and increase the diverse talent pool in Technology and Engineering companies.

They are going to talk about how they started their careers in technology; from their student days to developing their careers; the myriad of options and roles available in tech; as well as what it’s really like being a woman in tech.

Stay tuned for the names of our speakers on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and sign up for this panel for free.

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