The CWIT Summer Speaker Series returns next week with some more fascinating insight into life as a woman working in the technology industry.

This event welcomes Raisa Babu, Solutions Engineer with New Relic, who will be discussing ‘Going the Extra Mile’ in her career.

Raisa is an experienced toastmaster and computer engineer. She is passionate about software, feminism and food, and a major advocate for women being ambitious and competitive in their careers and lifting each other up. Her life experience transitioning from a Software Development role to a customer facing pre-sales role and relocating to another continent has taught her the importance of having grit, the right network and moving out of your comfort zone. She hopes that with sharing her story in this talk, she can inspire and help others who are just getting started with their career.

When: Wednesday 2nd September @8am-9am

How to join: This series is open to both CWIT and non-CWIT members so feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to join the discussion. Register for this free event HERE

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